Precious Metal Coins and Bars: Measurement and Validation


The Precious Metal Verifier Pro

US Patent No. 10,417,855

* Measures completely through the sample.
* Measures the sample thickness.
* Reads through numismatic cases.
* Confirms that the metal density is correct.
* NEW - External Bridge:
  Thru measure on bars up to 45 mm thick.
* Also available with external wands:
   Refiners wand measures 50% deeper.
   New - Small wand for use with 1/20 oz & 1 gram samples
   Microwand measures down to 3 mm spot size.

The Original Precious Metal Verifier

US Patent No. 9,922,487

* Detect counterfeit precious metal coins & bars.
* Measure below the surface of coins & bars.
* Reads through numismatic cases.
* External wand for expanded capability.
* Safe, non-destructive testing.